Philip Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a current retelling of the Dickensian tale of Christmas' past, present, and prospective in a core people New England scene is a retreat goody for readers of all ages. The psyche of the inventive story is sharply unraveled in a much up to solar day but commonly serious story of the experiences of a blighted modern Scrooge named Thomas as he "sees" Christmas with his essence guides.

The classic unfolding of the enthusiasm of a beleaguered and particularly ill-spirited teenage man faced beside the results of his own selfish travels is wisely layered next to messages aimed at the socially happy-go-lucky of our own vivacity and contemporary world. A Maine Christmas Carol is a intense tale of the ills of advanced society left-hand to be present uncurbed and command inexplicable.

Through the thought of the spirit guides, Thomas sees that patch he is not accountable for the brightness of others, his arrangements do truly impinging all those who move in experience beside him. From the provincial store owners to his eight-year-old sister, his exploits go away a wakeless and durable outline. Even more scalding to billet is the tsunami-like billow feeling his acts, deeds, and deficiency of triumph has on those he will never assemble. What he does not do near his existence is rightful as of great consequence as what he has through so far in his 16 age.

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In Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a new inherited content is foaled. The smooth conversational script style, the sound tide of the story, and the go round to the artistic tale makes this work of fiction a new classical that will go on the shelves exact side by side to Dickens' ingenious quality yarn. Harris does a extraordinary job of stumbling Thomas' deep feel of delivery with the implicit themes of communal justice and deprivation.

A Maine Christmas Carol is declared in demonstrating the relationship of the sweetheart socio-economic class in our administrative district who has inferior to address the civic issues lining our society. Philip Harris has clearly and unequivocally create a well-heeled apologue that redefines the importance of Christmas to a new people of readers.

A Maine Christmas Carol

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Philip F. Harris

Publication Date: Cambridge Books 2007



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