During the 2003,socio-economic trends in Republic of Serbia and
Montenegro were defined by busy duty of Goverment to
implement reforms,necessary to tactical manoeuvre up passage act.
According to the chitchat of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),Serbia and Montenegro prerecorded greater development in carrying out of reforms than the another 27 East European countries.In its written document on transition,EBRD stratified Serbia and Montenegro 3 (scale 1-4)for its foreign business policy,for the formula of privatization of petite enterprises and for rate relief.

The popular circumstance of worldwide economy,especially EU is that a stronger extension charge in worldwide reduction could not be predicted till the end 2004.
According to the Republic perfection Bureau,economic trends in Serbia in the eldest 4 months of 2003,are characterized by a holdup in monetary activity,however together beside normalization of asking price authentic duplication in salaries and development in external retail.Exports of products in period of time January-April 2003 magnified by 28,6% in relative amount to the same time of year of 2002.The amount of imports next to exports in April 2003 is 41,9%.

Prices in May 2003 magnified by 0,5% in fraction on to April and
costs of people by 0,4%.
The pure figure of employed folks at the end of March 2003
amounted to 1,782.841 (source:Republican Labour Market Bureau).Using the very beginning we can catch sight of that in Serbia were 947,426 at leisure those.Mentioned figure was increased by 17,7% in 2003 in fraction to 2002.

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In 2003,336 enterprises were privatized at tenders and auctions,which pulled in EUR 159,5 cardinal( source:republic Development Bureau).According the aforementioned source,the function of restructuring was started in 73 life-size financial systems.Also,the Serbian political affairs adopted the Strategy for progression of Entrepreneurship in Serbia from 2003-2008.

The investigation of monetary expansion in Serbia shows that the most mechanized metropolitan area in geographic area is Apatin beside the height of enhancement 85% above middle in Serbia and on the opposite side,the maximum unformed metropolitan area is Tutin with the upgrading 76% at a lower place the standard of Serbia.

Finally,we can think that Serbia and Montenegro will try to be integrated into the global cutback as in a moment as attainable.In spitefulness of our groovy wishes,it seems that our expectations are exceedingly kafkaesque to be achieved fastly. Namely,after a long-term period of time of stagnation,wars,low financial rate of growth,high charge of inflation
(in 1993.it was the extreme charge in the World),high charge per unit of
unemployment and low political unit revenue per capita,path of unification will be drawn out and demanding system.Knowing that,our regime will try to label this activity shorther near cognition changes in political unit reduction and making big steps in passage toward the edifice and working of advanced economies.As hastening as our model of alive emergence it becomes executable to manufacture advancement.The basic results have been yet patent.

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