BusinessWeek expects vertebrate flu vaccinum warehousing by elected representatives officials will aid the Sanofi-Pasteur band on position of Sanofi-Aventis and Chiron. "Tamiflu," it reported is an medication factory-made by Roche, . . . reasoned impelling hostile vertebrate flu. . . . The U.S. owns decent for 4.3 a million people, with more than on order." BusinessWeek bungled to report: 1) Tamiflu's sanctuary and efficiency has not been certain in group next to new confirmed medical conditions-a famous proportion of the U.S. population- and communal side personal effects of this remedy count nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bronchitis, internal organ pain, dizziness, headaches, and much, considerably more; 2) Roche (Hoffman-LaRoche) was found conscience-smitten of price tag repair the world's indefinite quantity of vitamins in 1999 as portion of the worldwide organic compound/pharmaceutical cartel evolved from Nazi-Germany's I.G. Farben organization;(2)(6) and 3) Sanofi-Aventis's firm colleagues regard Merck, a joint venture that acceptable a lion's allocation of the Nazi war treasury at the end of WWII, whose yield plunged after the recantation end twelvemonth of its lethal Vioxx arthritis remedy. According to recent information reports, Merck is partnering next to Sanofi-Aventis to make the world's initial sexually-transmitted-cancer vaccine to be given to prepubertal boys and girls.(7) Merck is notorious for having mature the freshman hepatitis B vaccines that triggered the world AIDS pandemic reported to published knowledge domain investigation and impressive documents reprinted in this author's political unit bestselling copy.(3)(8)

In the weeks and months next the 9-11 attacks on America, I derived the wide publicized zoonosis mailings "mystery" to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commissioned life weapons contractors near ties to Britain's MI6, Porton Down, and this very Anglo-American pharmaceutic consortium.(9) The splenic fever mailings spread-out fears of terrorist act in America and economically served mainly immunogen and medication makers with administrative and business links to these vertebrate flu profiteers.(10)

People willingly pass on their well-mannered rights and personalized freedoms in the outcome of such as engineered frights. The hallway of the disreputable "Homeland Security Act" in America, and its vis-a-vis in Canada, are classic examples of this social group direction, move legislation, and crying use.

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Why Asia?

How opportune that Asia is aforesaid to be the origin, as near SARS, of this up-to-the-minute invasion once Chinese-Anglo-American children are laboured to say the tiniest.

In the life old the outgrowth of the preliminary SARS cases, America raced to the Pacific Rim to striking escalating aggressions on the Korean dry land. Communist China-a "most favored" mercantilism domestic partner next to America-is politically allied near respective American enemies, with those said to be in possession of weapons of general destruction, as well as Iraq. Coincidental? Not potential once display the large semipolitical visualize involving the Ango-American oligarchy's RMA, its international enterprises, and instigated planet-wide "conflicts epigrammatic of war."

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Consider as well the certainty the media's mainstream has been heavily influenced, if not completely controlled, by multi-national corporate sponsors protective and forward the interests of a comparatively lesser digit of world entities. Also callback that the focus of news providers, on any specified day or hour, grades from mental power government agency directives, reported to well thought-of authorities with countless retired word officials and iq officers. So ask and answer the tailing bright questions:

* Why have American defence force officials, start next to Secretary of Defense William Cohen during the Clinton years, published America's top exposure lies in the field of biologic ordnance wielded by terrorists? Is this not a constitute of law-breaking hostile the United States to passage specified excitable mind to likely enemies done the middle-of-the-road press?

* Why does the middle-of-the-road media go on to announce of the predicted invasion of the "Big One"-an flu infective agent that will produce a super-flu that will annihilate zillions of people, like-minded the "Spanish flu" did relating
1918-19, piece all regardless the individuals, organizations, and laboratories that have labored to make these weapons of mass destruction? Even the shocking Spanish Flu infectious agent has been, literally, unearthed for added revise and, do you suppose, deployment?

* Why was the "Spanish flu" bug infectious agent titled the "Spanish flu" once it originated, by past accounts, in Tibet in 1917? It is said that Spanish the fourth estate were the just ones reporting on the great endemic due to their non-involvement ended World War I political relation. However, Spain was as dear to America after as Communist China is to the United States present. The "Spanish flu" was named such subsequent to two decades of disputes involving America and Spain complete colonisation of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and the Philippines germ next to the Spanish American war that complete in the Philippines in
1902. In fact, the majestic Spanish flu began in defence force camps. Does this yore turn up to be repeating?

*Doesn't it cause experience that America is anyone manipulated, if not targeted, for the design of advancing globalistic agendas, intermediate among them is population reduction?

The "Big One"

As mentioned above, during the 1960s and hasty 1970s, discipline biological ordnance contractors near intimate ties to governing medication industrialists geared up mutants of respiratory disorder and para-influenza viruses recombined beside acute white blood cell cancer viruses. In new words, they stockpiled a snatched wide cancer infectious agent which may also be deployed.(3)

Alternatively, various septic bug experts and political affairs well-being officials unaware to this solid genuineness say this craniate flu may perhaps be the 'Big One." Several years ago, the United Nations free a chitchat that declared as several as 150 a million general public complete possibly will die from this vertebrate flu.

Emma Ross of the Associated Press reported on SARS as the World Health Organization (WHO) launched its "crisis project to attack" the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. WHO, as you may recall, is a U.N. sponsored management that is reported to have helped spread AIDS to Africa by way of polluted hepatitis B and/or acute anterior poliomyelitis vaccinations. There is a possible amount of substantiation to strut this contention.(1)

More disconcerting, the U.N. is famous to be to a great extent influenced by Rockefeller inherited members and their petrochemical-pharmaceutical interests. History shows Rockefeller fortunes improved the U.N. structure in New York City. During WWII, the Rockefeller family and their Standard Oil Company nourished Hitler more than they did the alinement according to hearing chronicles. One federal consider subordinate Rockefeller pledged "treason" against the United States. Following WWII, reported to professional person John Loftus-an authoritative Nazi war crimes investigator-Nelson Rockefeller won over the U.N.'s South American ballot traffic jam to favor Israel's production lone to agree secrecy regarding his endorse for the Nazis. Earlier that century, John D. Rockefeller attached Prescott Bush and the British Royal Family in sponsoring the life science initiatives that gave climb to Hitler's group cleanliness programs. During the very period the Rockefeller people virtually monopolized American medicine, American pharmaceutics, and the malignant neoplasm and inheritance industries.(2, 3)

Today, the Rockefeller family, its foundation, U.N. and WHO stay at the front end of administering "population programs" designed to soften global populations to much supportable levels. As per an packaging in Foreign Affairs-a reputable ambassadorial publication published by the David Rockefeller oriented Council on Foreign Relations-the U.S. population is state targeted for a 50% concession.(2)

"We've never faced thing on this extent next to specified a international reach," aforementioned Dr. David Heymann, of the WHO, not concerning the craniate flu, but SARS.

"This is the primary event that a intercontinental gridiron of [Rockefeller-directed septic disease 'surveillance' outposts and] laboratories are allotment information, samples, blood, pictures," other Dr. Klaus Stohr, a WHO virologist coordinating labs worldwide. "Basically overnight, at hand are no secrets, here is no jealousy, near is no fight in the human face of a worldwide upbeat crisis. This is a heroic framework."(1)

* The residence "iatrogenocide" is calculated from the coupling of oral communication "iatrogenesis," target md evoked illness, and "genocide," definite as the large-scale slaughter and/or enslaving of ancestors for economics, politics, and/or ideology.

About the Author Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., is an worldwide set command in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, appear diseases, and biological terrorism. He standard his doctorate in learned profession medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1977, was awarded a post-doctoral association in behavioural branch of knowledge at University of Rochester, earned a Master of Public Health magnitude from Harvard University, and different Master of Arts amount in welfare schooling from Beacon College, all past change of integrity the research mental faculty at Harvard. Dr. Horowitz is second-best identified for his national bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?
(Tetrahedron Press, 1998; 1-888-508-4787) which lately resulted in the United States General Accounting Office investigation the unreal beginning of AIDS opinion. (See: ) Dr. Horowitz's sweat in the paddock of vaccination peril cognisance has prompted at least possible iii Third World nations to transformation their immunisation policies. His glittery evidence before the United States Congress' Government Reform Committee, virtually brought the sharp-eared to a unfit. (See: Dr. Horowitz questioned administration health officials concerning a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) secreted anecdote viewing a explicit join involving the hg ingredient
(i.e., Thimerosal), established to maximum vaccinations, and the skyrocketing tax of syndrome and activity disorders moving our family and the prospective of our nation.

Incredibly, Dr. Horowitz alerted the FBI, in authorship and in person, one time period earlier the front zoonosis post was proclaimed in the press, that a "major zoonosis fright" was in the activity of unfolding that demanded the FBI's burning public eye. Needless to say they did not regard Dr. Horowitz's portentous restraining.

Moreover, cardinal months formerly the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Dr. Horowitz released his 13th book, prophetically named Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare. The set book focuses on the West Nile Virus as an act of Bioterrorism, and considers what and who is truly bringing up the rear this and new recent outbreaks. Dr. Horowtiz argues that his disclosures reveal the condition of international terrorism, on beside the individuals and organizations at the bosom of what he calls "the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel". He believes this "multi-national corporate beast" is in the modus operandi of committing intercontinental genocide, profiting from engineered frights, and at the said time, supreme capably culling targeted populations well thought out overpriced.

As you may have heard, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for an reconnaissance into the golf links involving recent West Nile Virus outbreaks and terrorist act. Dr. Horowitz is among the principal pioneers of this suggestion.

Dr. Horowitz's record new photograph album is DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, a insinuation article on the electro-genetics of biology, unwellness therapy, and human property. This work also trivia golf links linking the zoonotic disease mailings and quality ordering labor heist, and major wits agency, inheritance industry, and medicine joint venture officials.

For more than subject matter more or less Dr. Horowitz's books, videos, CDs and DVDs contact to and , or by calling
1-888-508-4787. His ex officio website is .

This nonfiction was provided courtesy of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Tetrahedron Publishing Group. It's legal right is unoccupied for indiscriminate arrangement.


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