Question: What do a suitcase, 12 grapes, a package of wheat, the color yellow, 3 potatoes and a filled to capacity tailor's dummy all have in common? Right! They all signify a convention for delivery in the New Year. But do you cognize these customs and how they're celebrated?

Get That Suitcase Out

Many South Americans reflect that if you pass an emptied case about the jam on New Year's Day you will be advantageous to traverse during the education of the period of time. When my aged neighboring sauntered out of her front movable barrier in Cali, Colombia with a battered overnight bag she'd dusted off for the occasion, she touched off my queries huskily.

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"Don't perturbation me now! I'm leaving!"

Minutes later, her "tour" complete, she confided her desires to "see the states" this period.
According to her, a water travel this time period was now, "in the bag".

Around the interior of December you instigate to awareness a disproportionately ample figure of reproductive structure and rootlike path vendors starting to vend grapes. Grapes are everywhere by Christmas. Green grapes, chromatic grapes, amalgamated grapes - they cylinder behind the thoroughfare and slog below your sloppy feet as you mooch bazaar areas and purchasing districts. Eating 12 grapes at or essential hour of New Year's Eve will convey you flawless luck all through the New Year. Green grapes are desirable by the majority, but any will answer I was told by Anna Lucia who walked into the breathing space with a bag of blended grapes good ample to construct a valise of "vino".

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"You're not readying to eat all those, are you?" I chided.

"No, they're not a moment ago for me. They're for my household too."

I remembered that she and her married man have cardinal brood. Add in the extensive family and well, decent aforesaid. Haven't had your 12 yet? Hurry up, there's immobile case.

A Bundled Sheaf of Wheat

A achromatic juvenile stood on a downtown Pasto, Colombia area hovering over a five-gallon container full of bundled sheaves of wheat. Each was covered with a fiercely bicolored object or two. Some were enhanced even additional next to a flowering plant or gnomish bunch of flowers. People up and fuzz the streets walked next to a similar-looking bundle command perpendicular out in head-on of them same a sea nymph in outlook of a natural event motor. Crossing the Zocalo, or fundamental piazza downtown, a young at heart girl seated on a park stall waved her parcel at us same a supernatural wand.

"That's a new one on me", I aforesaid to my partner once she explained.

"If you hang up a bundled sheaf of cereal grass in your quarters it's terrifically correct destiny."

She continued, "It has xii stalks of wheat in all bundle".

"How more than for one?" I asked the younker.

We vigorously bargained to a belittle price tag.

"Are you in no doubt there're 12 in here?" I questioned, not wanting to get short-changed.

"Oh yea. Go ahead and calculate them."

When my partner responded, "No there're lone xi."

He vigorously snapped back, "No way! Count them once again."

We did and nearby were xii. This New Year's chance piece is sedate enterprise. The floral parcel tiered seats minder now on the piece of furniture all over my escritoire. Wish me luck, okay?

The Color Yellow

Not all worry you, but relatively a few Latinos in Colombia and Ecuador use the color washed out for the New Year. There are a digit of ways to do it. You can paint a legroom pale. Place something pallid in the legroom. Wear a pale part of attire and you'll rainstorm yourself next to fortune for the New Year. For reasons which as yet evade me, a favorite is to impairment pale underclothes. (The ideal color in Mexico is red.) Both men and women have a couple or two on mitt for the instant - or so I've been repeatedly told. Okay, okay, I'll fess up; I have a couple of pairs of ashen underwear myself. So phone call me volatile. I have red ones too. Do I impairment a duet for New Year's? I'll never tell!

Be sure to publication "How to Use Three Potatoes and a Stuffed Dummy for Bringing in the New Year" for much strange Latin American New Year's impost. It's online at:

Happy New Year! ... and get that traveling bag out!



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