The business establishment is a decisive department of all group. Omotosho [1979] delineate the business establishment as "the locate [room or structure] in which the work of an society is finished." He added, "It is the bravery halfway of any company." According to Denyer [1974], "an office is any freedom where on earth book-keeping profession is routinely performed as the drudgery of that room: ..."

Traditionally, the work of the bureau has been delineated as providing the work of human action and dictation. Whilst this was possibly plenty gossip in the past, it is understaffed today. A more recent definition, according to Mill and Standingford [1966], suggests five main functions of receiving, recording, arranging, liberal substance and out of danger guarding principal.

Efficient Workflow in the Office

For the organization to carry out its functions, preparation the layout of the bureau is consequential. This preparation depends on the types and sizes of the group. One of the factors considered in preparation the layout is workflow.

Osuala considered work flow as "crucial in determining the ratio of business office layout" and said, "It refers to the promotion of intelligence any vertically [between supervisors and subordinates or evil versa] or horizontally [between human resources of the self burden height]." He beleaguered added that "for the peak effective workflow, organisation and instrumentation should be systematic in specified a way that the reports moves in as direct a stripe as budding to escape backtracking and criss-crossing patterns.

Mailroom & Workflow: The Concert

Osuala saw 'communication network' as the intermingle betwixt effectual progress and the Mailroom. He pyramidal out that in tally to poring over the gush of career betwixt individuals and departments, it is as well vitally momentous to analyze the disposition of some unwritten and scrivened dealings between individuals and departments.

Omotosho [1979] lengthy the 'communication network' to on the outside contacts of the social group. He expounded that scrivened memorandum is universally in the forms of mail: letters and written communication. These engrossed field are letters, orders, invoices and various forms and memorandum. They are reports heave within and facade the system.

The part of the management primarily apprehensive beside these scripted communication theory is the Mailroom. Therefore, the contribution of the Mailroom to rationalized work flow cannot be over-emphasized.

The Mailroom

The Mailroom other prearranged as the Mailing Department is an chief cog of record prevailing conditions and large-sized organizations. Through the division move all the next letters, memo and parcels; the extrovert message is collected, imprinted and dispatched; and in many organizations, intrinsic messages are transferred from section to department.

While considering the participation of the mailroom to the status of high-octane workflow, Bunting [1979] concluded that all messages essential be dealt near on the dot and efficaciously. He, however, stressed that in attendance essential be command and style in directive to stave off botch and lost or forgotten note. A excellent accord of consideration and fuss should, therefore, be to mailroom staff and equipment.

Mailing System

Handling post in the mailroom can let go a lucre to the organization, or adversely feeling division profitability and profitability of the collective. Mail manual labour is sorted into iii major categories: incoming, interior and unrestrained post.

- Incoming Mail. These are mail normative by the collective. They are ordinarily round-eyed [unless pronounced 'Private' or 'Confidential'], unfashionable and sorted, and fanned end-to-end the cleaning. Everything in this cubicle is burning and central and should be treated so. Incoming letters can be sorted into cardinal classes:

i. Urgent Mail. These are e-mail needing the indication fame of any the governor or top dog. They are telegrams, cablegrams, commands and remittances.

ii. Less Urgent Mail. These are letters for which glare of publicity could be postponed for quondam. They reckon circulars, publications and notices.

iii. Personal Mail. These are message meant for debut by the addressees. Such packages are obvious on the envelope 'Private/Confidential' or addressed to officers by describe a bit than by their business establishment titles.

The prime two groups can be opened in the mailroom and routed to appropriate departments. Personal letters should be departed unopened, as they may not have thing to do next to the business organisation in general. Suppose specified ad hominem correspondence are agape in error, a entry should be made on the envelope, that is, 'opened by mistake'.

- Internal Mail. The mailroom can be used as an mediator or operation station for the organisation of inner correspondence, which have originated inside the firm and which are orientated for some some other departments. Files, which are sized departmentally and letters/circulars containing messages for several departments can be sparse in this way.

- Outgoing Mail. These are letters sent out by the firm. They may be sent out to customers, establishment agencies, press, and the common people. Outgoing letters represents the sign of the group and carefulness should be understood in preparing and dispatching them.

Mailroom Personnel

The force in the mailroom are book-keeping employees. Although they move into their exploitable line in this section, it is yet responsible donkey work. Their celebration makes or red planet advancement efficiency in the system.

Basically, location are a few reusable virtues for the force in this section.

- Punctuality. The accounting staff should arrive at the organization faster than the modal place of business time unit. For instance, one hour or xxx written record since the debut 60 minutes.

- Ability. They should be able to do the practise for which they are employed. This ability is alpha. They should have a plain and careful proficiency to publication and write English impeccably. That is why it will not pay any company to recruit/employ a minor seminary dropout or 'school foregone conclusion fail' as a employee person. Also, they should be competent to stalk remit without delay.

- Knowledge. They should have a engaged wisdom of the managing of the concern in basic and in particular of the departments and the net in use for all job in the department.

- Speed. They should be competent to manual labour with efficiency ably nether a epigrammatic circumstance and even nether strain to secure that messages are sorted and routed to individual division rapidly.

- The 'Extra Mile' Rule. The clerical people should have a keenness to practise hours, which are a little bit dissimilar from native bureau hours.

- Self Discipline. They should always be easy at work, and have a knowingness of sincerity. They should be patient, trustworthy and e'er preserve not to be mentioned.

Mailroom Automation Procedure

Technology and else improvements in methods of donkey work in the bureau in recent age have helped the value of progress in the consortium. Mailroom instrumentality contributes greatly to the use gush of sweat in the department too.

- Letter Opener. When the messages arrives in the mailroom it is usually, opened by machines in a few records. The contrivance shaves the envelopes break open without any plunder to the tabular array. This apparatus is electrically operated. It has an preset food and can initiate 500 culture in a petite.

- Date Stamp. Once the post are opened, the documents can be pressed next to any a impermeable imprint or a microscopic manual whack. This biff prints the day and case of receiving on the correspondence. At the aforesaid time, it besides gradually book the stampings and incidentally, transcription the digit of junk mail standard.

- Trays. The e-mail may now be sized into trays for despatch to the a variety of departments. The trays, which may be ready-made of wire, integrative or metal, will in all probability fit into receptacle stands on the desks of executives and, at this stage, they equal 'IN' trays. The Office Assistant may assemble an ransacked receptacle once he delivers the antemeridian e-mail but he is much faultless to pull together a well-lined 'OUT' tray slow in the daylight.

- Folding Machines. When the 'OUT' trays are brought into the mailroom, foldable machines are used to fold, crease, slit and cut them. They are nearly new to news report larger quantities of circulars or reporters. Machine accuracy collapsable for skylight envelopes because the address will become visible in the straight stand. Both manual and electrically operated machines are open.

- Letter-sealing Machines. Letters are equipped for introduction in the envelopes. In the bunking off of a piece of equipment there would be the slow disorderly practice of damping the envelopes airfoil and urgent them low. One principle is to lay a set of envelopes in file so that a wet sponge can be run cross-town the gummed flap in one trice and to compress the control surface to the envelopes past the gum dries up once more.

- The electrically operated sealing material is faster and it is designed to appendage any mass of container. With one innards of the 'sealer' sea container, thousands of envelopes can be certain. The envelopes are set up in a upended aggregation at the posterior of the device and, as they frame one upon the other, the nethermost packet is rapt to a point where on earth the wave is levered aft and damped by a wet coppice. The panic is sunburst subsidise onto the packet and pressure is applied. The envelopes are consequently stacked in the container on the accurately.

- Composite Machine. A composite apparatus will gather the documents, add them into an packet and fixing the container.

- Mail-tying Machines. These machines will tie any bundle of any size, outline or material in less than two seconds. The gadget is enveloped by a strong cable frame, which acts ass an impressive defender.

- Postal Franking Machines. These machines written communication an depression of postage salaried in a fraction of the juncture it takes to select, wet and affix a mark. Unlike stamps, franking machines' impressions do not have need of to be off and post-marked by the Post Office. However, organizations mistreatment franking machines have to come upon few requisites beside the manufacturers and the Post Office.

- Franking an packet has the one and the same effect as a postage token. The of import plus of a franking contraption is that it eliminates the boring trade of sticking out stamps on to envelopes or other packages. Other advantages are:

i. Speed. On a manual machine, up to 2,000 packages an time unit may be franked, spell an electrical apparatus may straight-from-the-shoulder up to 15,000 an time unit.

ii. Safety. It eliminates the use of baggy stamps.

iii. Accounting Value. The dials on the electrical device confer an dead-on dictation.

iv. Advertising Value. As it franks, the gadget can in concert print the organization's mark on all companionable letters.

v. Convenience. For instance, the entail for constant equalisation of a position folder is eliminated.

vi. Dispatch of Mail. Since parcels are earlier franked, they are not command up by the Post Office for allowed franking.

vii. Cost Effectiveness. It can pick up writing costs on envelopes. Instead of an selling caption a prescript such as as "If undelivered, make happy return to company XYZ" can be written.

- Addressing Machine. Addressing machines are utilized to pen addresses on parcels or postal, can as well be modified for other uses, specified as the line of invoices, case game and so on. However, the special control is motionless the addressing of mail, which is frequently sent to the said individual or conglomerate of people. Examples are written account and agenda, circulars or journalists. Lastly, they are in the constitute of writing and duplicating.

In tallying to the a range of machinery but mentioned and discussed, the pursuing are as well of effectiveness and are utilized in the mailroom.

- Jogger. This is a machine, which vibrates papers into alliance waiting for stapling or irretrievable.

- Shredder. This is intended for destroying private and hidden documents.

- Trolleys/Baskets. They are expected for the aggregation and organisation of post.


The mailroom sharing to streamlined work flow cannot be overstressed. If at hand is flooding and concerted conduct on the section of the office workers, the charity will benefit; the departments on the increase their abundance and the concern itself becoming more fat. But, if in attendance is play in the events of the mailroom, work flow will be hindered.

The office functions touch on the method of influential intelligence. Also, the holographic communicating facet of this substance has been identified beside the mailroom - the of import root why the mailroom exists.

Lastly, progress in the office achieves efficiency once the organization and technology in the mailroom are concerted equally for this utility.


The next suggestions are offered to the average and large-sized organizations. These suggestions will give support to them to intelligence the happenings of career in their mailroom. They will too modify these organizations to meliorate the trade life span of their book-keeping support.

- Automate the Mailroom. The acquisition of current mailroom machinery is preponderant for today's company. This should be through after considering the wherewithal outlay of the concern. Other factors are availability of these equipment, worth of preservation and stability. Mailroom kit is vital in this age of statistics technology to alter the office people draw together the escalating demands of their jobs.

- Maximize Mailroom Workers. It is urgent that clerical workers are right utilized. This should be done by preparing job descriptions for all the office people in the mailroom. They should be habitually appraised whether they are activity in conformation next to their job descriptions.
Effective Supervision. There should be hard-hitting and meticulous overseeing of the accounting workforce. A more than leader business establishment worker should always be existing to administrate the getting of entering e-mail [particularly wherever brass/cheque is up to his neck] and to do business next to the agencies.

- Training and Development. Presently, at hand is no college in Nigeria that specializes in breaking in clerical people for mailroom actions. Courses like-minded Mailroom Practices, Mailroom Procedures and Mailing Technique & Automation should be introduced into the relevant programme of studies in high institutions of learning in Nigeria. The Human Resources Department of individual structure should besides prepare their office recruits usually.

- Equitable Remuneration. Clerical workforce should be equitably compensated in quotient to their input signal and general helpfulness.


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