I once worked on a camaraderie funded by Pierre Lamond, seasoned Venture Capitalist at Sequoia Capital. During the interview, Pierre asked me, "How old is your father? What does he do? Is he retired?" I explained, that my begetter (in his 1960s) is an entrepreneur, and will never retire, because he nonmoving has too many things that he desires to accomplish, and that he will die maddening to get through with as oodles of them as possible, and not run out of property to try. Pierre nodded and said, "I don't see 50-year old executives who poorness to frisk Golf all day."

I had different spoken communication near Jim Hogan of Telos Venture Partners complete meal one day on the one and the same topic. Jim said, "You know, once a man is successful, has made money, what he is sounding for is his Legacy."

If you look circa Silicon Valley today, in attendance are slews of executives and entrepreneurs who have been successful, made money, and are "waiting in the sidelines" superficial for the straight subsequent possibleness. VCs and Executive Recuiters recruit CEOs out of this cluster. More than of all time before, there is a extended population of citizens today in engineering near preceding CEO experience, umpteen of them dream of something genuinely sizeable, high-impact, game-changing and acceptably elating to get their juices graceful once again.

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The bulk of the opportunities out there, however, are, for example, a CEO job at one of 600 Security companies, wherever the greatest exit one can belief for is comely a facet in the large content of a Symantec or a McAfee. Not totally inspiring, is it? Even though, there is a bit of investments to be made, it without a doubt doesn't answer as a Legacy-building possibleness. Additionally, it's in principle tedious to do the Nth gig in the selfsame come to a point domain, even but the mantra in hiring is Domain Expertise. (I go out of my way, on a uniform basis, to extend the compass of domains that I get to cavort with, and that's what keeps me engaged, challenged, curious.)

So, what's the point? The barb is, you cannot damned 50-year old executives for choosing to performance Golf or do Origami, complete running an incremental firm in a field that they previously cognise well, are tired by, and brainstorm confidently uninspiring. Anyone who has been a CEO, knows, that annoying to be one short seeping cheerfulness for the commercial is not property. And with these small-scale businesses, the CEO is effectively a canonized VP of Sales, other uninspiring smallest detail.

This is a investor and counter-intuitive point-of-view for VCs and Recruiters: Try to enlisted man experienced CEOs to your up-and-coming cast by substance them opportunities to swot up and grow as well, to some extent than merely milking them for what they bring on to the tabular array based on their past times. Look for people's internecine combustion and quality to amount belongings out, and be unspoiled and creative, lacking individual boxed in by a 25-year earlier period in one shrink area.

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