Total Optimizer Pro (T.O.P.) is a explore engine improvement software system of rules that performs a comprehensive analysis on any keyword open market. And even then again it is an mammoth system that does a lot of assessments, it is unexpectedly user outgoing so that even a new webmaster can learn to use it soon. Many new users have saved this apparatus to be invaluable.

When you uncap up the system you have 2 options.

* The first one asks what keywords you privation to be on the top of the rummage through engines for.

* The ordinal one asks what URL(s) you want to judge.

After you set this you are presented beside a eyeshade which will permit you to tweak your initial inspection by choosing which survey engine results you want to calculate.

You can:

* Choose to do a connect partner hunt and brainstorm probable relationship partners beside a smallest PageRank and/or beside abiding speech communication on the leaf.

* Do the unadulterated investigation and do a Backlink and Anchor Text Analysis (BATA) investigation of the keyword(s) or URL(s) you entered in the oldest blind.

Press a toggle and let the system do all the carry out.

When it is done it will souvenir you near your reports that showing a moment ago give or take a few everything in the region of the URLs woman assessed, whether it's the Top 10 for the keyword you entered or the finished evaluation of the URL(s) you entered. Now all detail around this finicky marketplace is quickly presented to you.

* The page's PR

* The Alexa rank

* The header of the leaf for all backlink

* The digit of course inform to it

* The number of unequalled domains linking to this page

* The PR of respectively backlink

* The ground tackle matter of respectively backlink

* The biggest keyword direction of the page for all backlink

* The IP computer code of the backlink

* and a ton of different useful gossip I use on a regular justification...

Then it provides you beside deeply good review reports at the foundation viewing you:

* The percentages for ground tackle schoolbook for the backlinks

* The figure multiple-linking IPs and multiplex linking domains

* And tells you whether this setting is expected purchase its backlinks or exploitation a classic cooperation negotiate run.

* And maximum significantly is in reality tells you the way you call for to return to get a top development for this keyword.



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