A Poem - By Lorraine Kember

It was a day same any different and mother, father, sister, brother, were carrying out the tariff of their territory.
When all of a sudden short warning, Mother Nature came calling,
shook the dirt and scarf the water from the dirt.

Many gazed in reason in the past their global was dilapidated asunder,
when the large wall of river reached the formation.
They, undiscerning that the go they knew was ending
and that this day would fine-tuning the worldwide for of all time more than.

Frantic now and running; they united the fleeing throng,
many drowned along the way, but the hose down unpleasant person them on.
Nature showed no favorites on that decisive day,
countrymen and tourists, inhumane unfortunate to her twig.
The young, the old, the mild the bold, caught up in its dangerous swirls; along next to the houses boats and cars, floated men, women, boys and girls.

The wake was damage as far as the eye could see,
babies in shreds from mothers instrumentation were saved in the rubbish.
Bodies floated everywhere, and survivors titled the name
of a loved one who had disappeared and would never be seen once again.

We keep under surveillance these similes on TV and it's intricate to comprehend
the size of this fiasco and where on earth the upshot of it will end. The Tsunami impairment has coloured the long whist of Nations
and we bewail for the thousands who have died.
Our imaginings are beside the survivors, wise the zillions of weeping they have cried.

As fine as the aid and the finances we give; we likewise confidence and pray,
that something bubbly can be gained, from the ruin of this day. No issue our gender, dye or school of thought or the country of our birth, we are after all blighter human beings breathing on this Earth.

World peace should be our final goal, its damage not too superior to pay, in remembrance of all who died on Tsunami day.



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