Did you know that around 72% of Americans cannot do to buy a domicile the traditionalist way? And this numeral is getting bigger by the month. So wherever are you in this 72%... or can you get a loan the traditionalistic way.

You know... go to the financial organisation and utilise for a debt and stroll out near a debt.

These 72% are absent one or all of these requirements:

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1) Large Down Payment

Unless it is your early residence and it fits in the FHA or VHA limits, you are active to have to come up beside one money on the forward end.

2) Good Credit

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You'll requirement a valuation above 580. And of trajectory the high the evaluation the lower your revenue enhancement will be.

3) Steady wellspring of time unit turnover(and sentinel if you are freelance)

You are looking at needing stable takings for two old age at the identical job or very vocation.

If you are absent one of these (or all), what are you to do?

You could rent out for a few eld... You could rent out and recoup up your economics and then one day you'll have decent to get your own residence.


Renting is a brutal round. A interval that will resource you too stony-broke to bar money... After paying the physical phenomenon bill, cable, car, sentient expenses, AND rent, it seems about impractical to see positive the wake you stipulation to buy a manor.

And you're not property any gratitude history.

The Solution:

Rent To Own Homes- Lease Purchase Homes

-You'll get 'rent credits' all calendar month for a wide per centum of your time unit sum. This is approved toward the rate of the home and... more than a few landlords will match some amount you pay above the even let.

-You are edifice up equity by having a lock-in terms. You are feat a ruddy part of the anticipated understanding.

When you do corporal improvements to the geographic area you are underdeveloped 'sweat equity'. You could add a room, raise the scenery or finishing a underground room. Everyone of these are high-leverage improvements. Can you spell 'forced equity'?

Almost as if by magic... you have built up equity and once you get organized for the loan- you have equity in the lodge and many modern world you can amble away near a 100% debt.

Now inform me once more why you're renting?

Before you sign-language other rent check, previously you plough other fractional monetary unit in cause else's fiscal security, you status to know you don't have to.

Copyright 2006 Trey Patrick



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