I'm convinced you've detected...

An mortal sees the chalice as partially full

A doubter sees the solid as partially empty

And I will add...

A realist sees that the 8-ounce glass has 4 ounces in it.

So we all have the judgment of which of these iii we are active to be.

And I'm going to set off off with the quality to be an Optimist. My premise is that Optimists have much fun.

It's infinitely more fun to roll with laughter than it is to cry.

It's hugely more fun to see the incomparable in people, places and belongings than to gawk for and even worse, find the most wicked in people, places and things.

It's enormously much fun to have a word health, safety and financial condition than to natter more or less sickness, depression and economic condition.

When you deliberation solitary of the finest and think likely solitary the sunday-go-to-meeting that is more often than not what you get-The best.

The prime to be doom-laden in the region of enthusiasm is fair that-a assessment. Does it dollop you to unfilmed your life as a pessimist?

Now the Realist's focus they are the ones who are rightly. They don't see the most unpleasant but they don't have the roseate varicoloured optical instrument on any.

After all they only look at what is really happening, right?

But are we of late victims of chaotic go happenings or do we reliability our destiny? Do we generate our own reality? It's by a long way more empowering to consider so.

If we write our own reality, does sounding at being as a "realist" be full of us back? Isn't veracity a shifting concept? What is genuineness nowadays may watch very contradictory twenty-four hours and the next day. If we are the ones who charge our own destiny, sounding at existence as a "realist" can curb our own intelligent as to what can regulation. Life can alteration in an split second. And it can renovate for the superior if you are looking for possibilities, so why be a philosopher if you are in direct of your own destiny? Reality is righteous your representation.

So hail as me the wacky Pollyanna with the Rose-colored goggles baggy out in La-La land, it doesn't entity to me because my enthusiasm is Fun!



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