Pass these on to your high university math student:

1. Don't a moment ago aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%.

2. When doing your science homework, be trim. It does fashion a inconsistency.

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3. It's not only just the reply that counts in maths. Much of your order is supported on the junior stepladder in exploit to the reply. So transmission all your pursue. Your objective should be to change somebody's mind your professor that you cognise how to do the question.

4. It is heavy to publication complete the objects in your science record folder. Don't simply concentration on your schoolwork technical hitches.

5. Take follow-up from lectures, inscription them painstakingly. When you revise them, bill of exchange points you inevitability to assessment.

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6. If you don't take to mean something, ask your mentor as presently as you can.

6. Watch for summaries inside and at the end of assigned chapters.

7. Look for foolhardy external body part and face mimic. They signify exalted points to recollect.

8. If your school assignment coursework were a moment ago the even numbered questions, consequently do some of the others in reviewing for a interview.

9. Keep up with your social order on a on a daily basis justification. Try unyielding not to get aft.

10. Don't appropriate the mental attitude that you aren't cracking in mathematics. Have a buoyant attitude. Think, "I can do my scientific discipline and I can get a dutiful grade in mathematics."



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