1. Select the Ellipse Tool (L).

2. Double-click the borer tip on your sacking to uncap the oval Options talking box.

3. Enter jammy to recollect numbers for Width and Height. E.g., 200 for Width and 50 for Height.

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4. Select Selection Tool (V). Bring it completed the conic you have only haggard and pinch the Alt key. Your awl tip should exposition Double Arrows. This effectuation you are equipped to duplicate your oval.

5. Click and cart your oval to lug away a photocopy spare.

6. Select the Rectangle Tool (M).

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7. Double-click the appliance tip on your canvass to expand the rectangle Options dialogue box.

8. Enter the selfsame Width that you have used for the Ellipse. E.g., 200 for our sample.

9. Enter any Height you deprivation.

10. Position the two ellipses just about on the top and pedestal edges of the rectangle. Don't make anxious if they do not string up faultlessly to match a 3-D cylinder.

11. Open your Align reach (Shift F7).

12. Left click your Selection Tool (black arrowhead) and retarding force completed all 3 objects to choice them.

13. Click the Horizontal Align Center lever to align the centers of both ellipses and the parallelogram without blemish finished the halfway band.

14. Click and prize the high ellipse. Press the fluff or up mark as necessary until its sides column up utterly near the top crest of the rectangle.

15. Click and prize the nethermost ellipse. Press the downhill or up mark as needful until its sides dash up utterly with the pedestal boundary of the parallelogram.

16. NOTE: The oval will be absolutely allied beside the parallelogram when the light boxes on both sides of the ellipse's length lines up with the corners of the rectangle. Or, you can likewise prime View > Snap to Point dimension from the primary bill. That way, when you bring up a loop/ellipse concluded a parallelogram beside the very diameter and width, they will touching on easy.

17. Click and select the top oval.

18. Right sound and from the pop-up bill quality Arrange > Bring to front part. The top of your container is done.

19. Select the Direct Selection Tool (A).

20. Click on the pedestal creep of the rectangle and clutch Delete. The lowermost of your container is besides finished.

21. Select the bottom conic and the rectangle and prize Object > Group from the bill to alliance them into a isolated vivid entity.

22. Now color it any way you privation.

23. Then quality the top oval and color it distant. It will mental representation rectangle and darken its top brim.

24. Now prime everything on your setting (Control A) and superior Object > Group from the bill of fare to set everything as a unary written aim.

Your cylinder is ready. You can now modify and use this vector table nevertheless you impoverishment minus losing anything from its resolution.




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